How To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media (A Starter Kit)

Now, I agree, I myself have a lot of work to do with my blog. But I can be sure with my social media strategies. As you read through the entire post, you'll find new, old as well as traditional methods of using social media to your benefit. Your blog deserves to reach out to the world. And, your voice needs to be heard. I swear by these tips and when I first started blogging, I have used them myself. Some of these tips are tricky, which is why I still have to work on them (rather, I've only grown my Instagram till now), but I promise you, you and your blog (or a startup even) will definitely benefit after applying these strategies daily. I know, plenty of bloggers think that social media is the easiest way to gain traffic for their blogs. The reality, however, is far from that. Yes, it's true that social media is a very effective way to promote your blog, but getting results isn’t exactly that easy. Many bloggers can attest to this. This is why some have toned down their efforts on social media. So, has looking into the so-called "loss and tiredness" stopped you from using at least one social network site to your benefit?  Has this discouraged you from looking into social media marketing? If it has, I’d like to tell you that it shouldn’t.

10 Life Lessons From The World’s Inspirational Leaders

Being brave isn’t the same as being fearless. It’s about understanding why we have certain fears in the first place. There are many inspirational leaders who can teach us life lessons. When you think of inspirational leaders, who comes to mind? True leaders can be found in all walks of life. There are inspirational leaders who teach us life lessons in other ways – changing the world through science and innovation, business, and art. And there are those individuals who inspire us all to achieve more, make the world a better place, and to never give up on our dreams, no matter how big or small they may be.


This poem is dedicated to you. The person who thinks it's either too early or too late to work on their dreams. I shared it on my Instagram just a few hours ago and couldn't resist sharing it here. This poem is for the fire inside you, that keeps you shining. Remember to never abandon your fierce self (the "never giving up" attitude toward being the best version of you!) This world needs your dreams and you! It's never too late or too soon to start living your life on your terms.

Holistic Success And Emotional Harmony

Our emotions drive our thoughts which in turn create behavior and lead to action. If we are successful in balancing our emotions, our actions would automatically lead us to a life which is more fulfilling and positive. Life will always have its ups and downs; if we accept this fact, it will definitely help us to become more positive and look at life as a way to learn from it!

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