I AM: The Power Of Positive Affirmations.

Today, I'll dig deep into my Indian (and spiritual) soul just so I can explain the power of positive affirmations and mantras. Let me teach you. (yes. exactly. i will practically teach you through words here, how to use positive affirmations to your benefit. but don't get me wrong. as jim carrey says - affirmations and the law of attraction is just that , you can't say them or write them down somewhere and go and eat a sandwich and expect the universe to work in your favor miraculously. the work and effort to put into them are just as much important as the oxygen is to your lungs.) As you all know I'm a huggeeeee believer of affirmations and practicing meditation. Today's topic has been covered by motivational speakers and has become popular over the years. I believe we are currently in a spiritual revolution where increasingly more people are practicing meditation and relaxation. In other words, Eastern medicine is becoming more popular through mainstream media, as we see more of it on television. However, people still don’t know what is meant by the phrase "positive affirmations." Growing up, I for sure know, Indian (and mostly Eastern) parents teach their kids all about the importance of meditation, mantras, and affirmations. If you've been taught or know about this or believe in this topic, high five!

39 Quotes That Show The Beauty In Simplicity

The value of simplicity has been known for centuries, its importance has been understood by the best and the brightest throughout history. Yet we somehow still have a natural tendency to over complicate things. That’s why we love inspirational quotes. They are simple and straight to the point and can help you to shift your perspective in life.

Read This Before You Decide To Give Up.

There is no shortage of success schemes. To some extent, some scams literally, you might have also heard stories about how a certain third party "guarantees" they can help you to reach your success within a few months or even days? How can anybody help you when you do not know what path to choose for yourself? How can anybody know what is good for YOU except for YOURSELF? All I know is - you need to have a passion. A burning desire. A will to die for something you love. (applies to many areas of life as well)

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