I’m going to do my best and address this topic anyway because I’ve gotten so many requests to broach this subject. Which makes me realize that there are so many people out there walking around, passion-less. Read that sentence over again if you have to. And then you will understand exactly where I’m going with this post. I have written about growth mindset and how passion maybe, "maybe" a myth. You can read it here - Finding your passion is a myth? As the New year is upon us, and the fear of setting goals and resolutions and starting new and wonderful seems all right, we all know something happens around the year and we fail to stick to our so-called "passions." While I'm in total support of keeping a diary and a planner for the year, I know for once that we need to learn to forgive ourselves for accepting ourselves completely. There is an immense power in self-acceptance. I had to write this topic as a quick reminder check for 2019!

How To Meditate Daily

I realized that I write so much about spirituality, mindfulness, and meditation in my blog posts but I never answered the "why" or "how" of it. Mindfulness practice has been a key savior in my life and I don't intend to stop practicing meditation, the reason behind mindfulness and a calm state of mind. Even if just for 7 minutes, just sitting back and closing my eyes and resting my body (when I'm sitting) or just losing myself to nature (when I'm walking) helps a great, GREAT amount. It serves the purpose of peace and oneness. So this post is specially written to address the "how" and "why" of meditation. The habit of meditation is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever learned. Amazingly, it’s also one of the most simple habits to do — you can do it anywhere, any time, and it will always have immediate benefits. How many habits can you say that about?

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