25 Ways To Spread Some Joy

Make it your mission to make someone happy! Winter always seems to bring back all good and bad memories. The holiday season and the New Year! Sometimes, they make us nostalgic and that's what I'm feeling right now. Everything is starting to look grey and I feel blue. Yes, even I'm human and I don't everytime be positive and mind glowingly awesome. I don't feel bad sharing about this either. It's a natural phase, I suppose. So now, simply sitting here and feeling nostalgic and weary, I've decided to share some joy so that my heart smiles remembering this day and when I look at it this way, I'm already smiling. It makes me happy just to share more and more cheerfulness. Spreading more sunshine and warmth this cold season! Anyway, the reason behind my mood, I thought as I was feeling a little blue because of the on-going rubbish weather, I would try to make myself think of 25 things that would cheer me up. Doing this task really brought me out of my funk and if it can do that for me, it might be able to help someone else feeling a little down. So, here are my 25 things to help you spread some joy and happiness to others around you:

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