Merry Christmas!

Before I start my holidays and enjoy some quality time this week, I just wanted to quickly stop here and wish you all a very HAPPY, MERRY CHRISTMAS. My message for you this season is..... Please read along to find more.

Say “No” To These 41 Things For A Happier 2019

A lot of people think happiness is about saying “yes” to the right stuff. Well, that’s one side of a coin. There are many things we say “yes” to that we really should be saying “no” to. Here is what I posted on my Twitter handle the other day – “I know the power of saying yes to everything in the beginning but at some point it has to stop. You have to get clear on where you are going, then start saying no to anything that isn’t that. You may lose opportunities/people along the way, but you’ll be okay with that.” For a happier 2019, try saying “no” to the following things:

Authenticity Is Your Now!

Finding your passion isn't only about career and money. It's about finding your authentic self. The one you've buried under other people's needs. The fact is, there are millions of other people (males and females) in the world, and many of them are going to have careers, lives, and businesses similar to yours. But, the keyword is similar. Nobody can replicate the genius you possess. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will set yourself free from the fear and insecurity that plagues so many of these people on this planet. Let's read along on how to add depth to your voice and create from a place that matters to you.

How To Make A Dent In The Universe

"Follow your dreams. Follow your passions. Leave a legacy. Live a life of meaning." There is so much free advice out there that it keeps getting into us, and subconsciously, we empower those pieces of advice by giving them a voice in our head. The voice, of thought, that eventually leads to the actions you take. Let me elaborate on this one. The "you should do something meaningful to create a dent (legacy as I see it) in the universe", has created such hype and uproar that people start having second thoughts about their own thoughts. I'll start with an example. I read an article and watched some youtube videos that led me to write this topic. The article was about Peter Thiel. Let's read along...

Vegan Lasagna!

After receiving such amazing response to my last post on food blog, I've decided to start sharing some amazing writings and recipes via my food blog right here. And what better recipe to start with other than our Italian favorite Lasagna? I know many people will start judging saying that lasagna isn't supposed to be vegan or vegetarian, but hey, who are we to judge? People enjoy what they enjoy. Let them be! i am not a vegan. I am a vegetarian who enjoys dairy and all its products but I don't bash or judge vegans for not doing so. We should all share more kindness! Anyway, here we go...

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