You Are Her.

remember that woman you always wanted to become? the one that you’d picture in the mirror, when everything was said and done?

Time Management Tips From Jim Rohn

I'll admit that I'm a sucker when it comes to time management. I've read numerous articles and have watched tons of youtube videos to help me curb this problem. But, it was not until recently, that I came across a wonderful article where they were sharing tips on time management which they probably learned from the "Master Of Success", Jim Rohn. I noted the points, put them into a good understanding pattern so that they can help people like me out there. Becoming a master at time management will allow you to design and improve every aspect of your life. Jim Rohn was one of the most influential speakers when it came to this. His tips and tricks are very actionable and revive a sense of motivation in millions of people to date. Managing your time meticulously is easier said than done but just like anything great you will ever accomplish, the hardest step is to begin. (tell me about it! Sigh...) Try not to just read through these steps but to put them into action.

Aishwarya Shah

Since You Have A Choice, Choose.

Starting today, make an intention to be happy, and see how that simple intention translates into more fulfillment, more purpose, more joy, more happiness. It is both easy and tough to do this and needs daily awareness. And, to intend to be happy is not a crime, in fact, it is our birthright and is also our basic state.

5 Ways To Turn Around Self-Doubt

Do you struggle with self-doubt? Perhaps you often wonder if you’ve made the right decision or have only a faint hope that your next job interview, project, or even date will turn out well. The most unfortunate thing about self-doubt is that your fears often become self-fulfilling prophecies. On the other hand, when you take action to become more confident in yourself, more things in your life automatically turn out better as well. With more self-confidence, your decision-making skills are strengthened, others are drawn to you in social situations, you produce higher quality work, and you’re more able to create the life you desire.

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