What Famous Writers Say About Writer’s Block

The other day I received an email regarding an advice on writing. The girl said, "I love to read and write so much. I just don't understand what happens when I sit down to write. It's like a huge wall of frustration, I can't figure out how to beat my writer's block. Please, any advice is helpful." These were her exact words. I receive tonnes of messages daily and replying individually is becoming more difficult than ever, so instead, I decided to write a topic on this respective query. As we all know, writer's block isn't something unusual and every writer has to deal with this frustration sometime during his writing/blogging/freelancing path. And, I've gathered some information about writer's block and what famous writers do about it. After all, we all love a dose of inspiration from the people we admire. Writer's block is for most people as it rears its unimaginative head when trying to come up with something marginally interesting to say in the third "sorry to hear you're leaving" card passed around the office in under an hour. For authors, of course, it's a bigger deal. As such, they're probably best placed to tell us how to get over it...

Learn To Embrace Your Own Talent

It’s not enough to believe in yourself if you can’t identify the one thing you were born to do. It follows that person who loves what they do also love a unique, valuable part of themselves. And surround themselves with others who give them positive reinforcement. Lady Gaga is the epitome of someone who owns her talent. She has never been shy to share her songs, her words, and their meaning with her fans. But to the media she was baffling; they labeled her a sleaze. Excessively ambitious, Gaga faced criticism early on in her career, and like all innovators, she embraced the risks. Instead of giving up, she tried even harder.

“Finding Your Passion” Is A Myth?

Don’t wait for your inspiration to reveal itself to you – rather, start with something you like to do. Even if it’s not what’s making you money at the moment, it might someday, but it won’t ever make you money if you don’t even start. There are iterations to effort and the first ones are the least attractive. Try to fall in love as much as possible with the fact that you’re doing what you like to do which will feel inherently better than not doing it. That in itself is the passion.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a strategy to get your website at the top of the list and to be easily seen when someone types in a specific topic in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Sound too technical? It's okay, I'm going to share some tips to help you optimize your content for search engines. Google has these little things called “spiders” that “crawl” your website looking for clues for what you are talking about on that page. If this is your first time thinking about SEO you may be like, “what is this woman talking about?!” but I promise, stick with me and it will make sense! Google has to have these clues that will help them identify what your pages contain the most relevant information, so there are strategic practices for where to include keywords for your post. SEO may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! In this post, I am going to share some easy ways to optimize your blog posts for search engines so you can start getting more organic traffic! The following tips will help improve your SEO, but it’s also important that you continue to produce high-quality content because that is the single most important factor in getting good search engine traffic.

One Of The Most Important Question Of Your Life

Two nights ago I was in bed reading & decided to take a Facebook break ( I keep these short, like 5 minutes because I don’t want to sit on social media for 3 hours ). AND THE MOST AMAZING ARTICLE I HAVE EVER READ POPPED UP ON MY FEED. It was titled, The Most Important Question of Your Life. HMMMMmmmmmmm. Firstly, how many articles have you seen on FB like this? 4357092864? A trillion? Way too many? Telling you to “wake up earlier, how to be more productive, how to have more willpower, etcetera.” I get it, me too. But this article was VERY, very different. Maybe you’ll entirely disagree with me…but maybe you won’t. The point is, this article was TOO good to NOT share. It really did contain one of the most important questions.

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