Part 1 — Resilience

Before I begin, I want to share something I shared a few minutes ago with my mailing list. The subscribers who have access to my "email-only blog" have just received my 'love-letter' -aka- a chic dose of my self-love reminder! I'll copy paste the email as it for now, for you all. Here it goes -----

How Can I “Live a Life I Love” While So Many Suffer?

Basically, I believe that by suffering I can be on the same frequency as other human beings and therefore be able to communicate to them. If I were fully healthy, wealthy and joyful then I would not be able to communicate to human beings who are suffering and they would despise me. How is it possible to live in happiness, abundance, and joy and at the same time have an open heart to those who are suffering?

Power Of Visualization

After studying and implying it in my life, I'm here to share this with you. It takes courage to stand up for yourself. Never apologize for elevating your thoughts, shifting your mindset from negative people and negative situations and outgrow your personality. This is a deep and very informative write up that I've taken weeks to articulate. I've studied the practices mentioned, applied them in my life and observed the shift happening. I'm here to share this with you only after seeing positive changes in the last six months. Read this only if you have a quiet time and are willing to make a shift in your life.

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