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Career Change Advise

Changing careers… Just the idea of doing so generates a plethora of different feelings: Fear, envy, uncertainty, relief. The internet is crowded with advice on careers. Here's some of my addition to it (laughing emoji) To change careers means leaving the known for the unknown, the certain for the hypothetical, the concrete for the abstract, the real for the projected. It also implies facing the judgment of others.

Aishwarya Shah

Be Kind To Yourself!

I don't know about you but I have this odd undercurrent of unexplainable feelings coursing through my everyday routine and they seem so difficult to put words to. Sometimes it seems enough to simply say 'today wasn't a good day' and other times it seems hard to pinpoint. It is so important to remind yourself - to be kind to yourself. Repeat after me - "I am no longer going to stress on a little misconception. Things are working out for me for the greater good and I am protected, loved and happy."


It Is What It Is (lesson on resilience)

After a long pause. The best friend is finally on the verge of giving up on making you understand the positives of life, you take a deep breath and say - Enough Is Enough; It Is What It Is. And at that instant, life feels a lot different. Cue some fantasy music in the background kind of different. Not gonna lie, I myself, like the millions on this Earth, have had a tough (let's be honest - worst) years of my life. It's really been difficult.

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