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I’ve realized suppressing your own achievements in fear of what people might think is something I’ll leave behind for good.

i’m a certified Master Life Coach! + I began my journey at Northeastern University as a graduate student.
2 of the best things i ever wanted to achieve.

2021 was a blessed year in many ways and I’m filled with gratitude with whatever came my way.

the things to keep in mind for 2022 –

• follow your own inner compass and intuition, no one else’s

• if someone makes you doubt your passion, capabilities and abilities, they don’t have your best interest at heart.

• standing up for yourself and your boundaries is self care; if someone doesn’t understand that, they don’t belong in your circle!

• you don’t always have to tell your side of the story. to the right people, they’ll know the truth, without having to ask.

• manifestation is real. i’m constantly in awe about what you can create with strong vision, aligned action + faith.

• you have to be a lifelong learner in order to grow, develop and expand as a human being. it doesn’t mean to get a fancy college degree, it just means utilising the power of observation+listening.

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Happy New Year to you!




  1. Good reminder s! Thank you! I especially appreciated and agree with this one: “i’m constantly in awe about what you can create with strong vision, aligned action + faith.” Thank God for His love and power given to us through the Holy Spirit, huh? Happy New Year to you!

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