Choose Before You Settle, in every aspect of your life.

I thought of writing this piece after a personal experience.

The choice of empowering yourself is hard. But what’s worst is feeling powerless, remaining stuck and living under the gutless ruleof someone else’s opinion of your life. Be Fearless & Fabulous in what you choose for yourself. Trust your instincts. They never lie.

Life is made up of choices. I believe life is just a series of decisions we make, and depending on our choice, must live with the result of that decision. The choices usually consist of a multitude of possibilities and, whether real or imagined, we must recognize that in some way the decision will change our life forever. Therein lies the rub. Because there are so many factors involved with our decision-making and with its unknown result, many of us hesitate to even make a choice, thinking it would be safer and that we’d be better off where we are instead of delving into the unknown.

If we don’t have a multitude of possible options, we seem to become anxious and confused. So how can you be reassured that you have made the right choice, especially when it affects a major aspect of your life? Well, I am a firm believer that we as souls have various destiny points we must live through in this lifetime, which we have designed prior to our incarnation before we ventured back into this three-dimensional world. But with these destiny points firmly implanted in our soul makeup, we also have “free will” and can choose how we will live through the situation at hand.

Think of how many events in history would never have occurred if someone did not make the choice to do something different, unknown, unproven or un-experienced? How many relationships would never have been realized without making a particular choice? Many would say that we have no control over our world or what happens to us. I say perhaps you cannot control the world, but you can certainly control how you choose to react to various situations and how you will handle them.

For instance, before making a knee-jerk reaction and judging someone, instead, you can take a moment and attempt to understand why this person is behaving a certain way, and you then may choose to react to the situation in a healthier, constructive way and demonstrate some compassionate.

Phoenix. Rises from its ashes. A lesson for us, a lesson for life.

When making a choice, one must be aware of how their choice will affect the future ramifications of their lives. Of course, there are different types of choices; some are easy to make, while others are more difficult. For instance, an inconsequential choice is easy, such as if I should buy that new piece of clothing. But other choices that will affect other people’s lives are more difficult. Still, as I mentioned earlier, the choices regarding life decisions such as career, moving, etc. are very difficult because, in many of those cases, the response to that choice will be longstanding.

  • To assist you in making these decisions, I have put together a list of criteria that you can use while making a choice:
  1. What is important and valuable to you? What you value may not be of much import to someone else. So know what you value most.
  2. Don’t lose focus on your future. Many people tend to make choices based on life as it appears right now instead of looking to the future. Do your choices and its ramifications stay within the goals that you have set for yourself for the future?
  3. Have you looked at all the alternatives and considered different scenarios? Sometimes you just might consider a different outcome.
  4. How important is this decision, and are you willing to work on it? Don’t get caught up with how important a choice is, but — better yet — what a positive impact this has on your life.
  5. Don’t forget to use your “intuition” for your choice instead of your head.

I always find that the more one knows about themselves and their place in the world, the easier the choice. One must always make a choice that is the best for their “highest good.” In saying that, the only right answer would be the one your “highest good” will tell you. Before making any major choice in life, I gift myself with time to sit and contemplate. I bring myself into a meditative state and bring myself into the stillness of the silence. It is in that silence that one communicates with their soul’s needs and understandings. Just by putting forth the question to our higher self while in mediation, you will receive a clear indication what is right for you and in alignment with your highest good.

Always remember and bear in mind that life is a series of choices, and most choices are based on two things: love or fear. Both can masquerade in different ways along your path, but love what you do and do what you love. Make the choices in your life that will make your soul sing, and sustain a happy life during your earthly mission.

Just think: The choice you make today could make not only your life happier, but make a better world in which we live.

Written by Aishwarya Shah

My Thoughts Through Words. My Feelings Through Art.


  1. When it came to difficult behaviours of others, my father always said, you don’t need to know why, just know that there is a valid reason for the way they are and its ok just to let it go.

  2. I think the main hurdle is getting over the belief that there isn’t any choice. It can also be a cop-out for not making choices. This takes some serious thinking about the universe and consciousness.

  3. We are definitely similar thinkers. I’m in the process of writing a post on “free will” and I concur with your views on the soul and this 3 dimensional world. Are you familiar with the Sting Theory? It has occupied my thinking all winter/spring this year. Fascinating writing please keep it up.

    1. I shall definitely want to check out the post you’ll be writing.
      And yes, I’ll read more about the sting theory tonight. Most of it is something that keeps my mind in a thought-state for hours.

  4. I enjoyed this a great deal. It definitely gave me some food for thought. Thank you. I’m also adding “be fearless and fabulous” to my list of mantras. Thank you for that as well.

  5. Thank you for enjoying my blog. We grow over time. It’s impossible to make the right choice all the time because we’re human and we’re going to make mistakes. But it is important to understand the other person and why that person did whatever. Take care.

  6. Superb Aishwarya as usual. Your thoughts on Choices in Life are certainly to the point. If still, sometimes, one faces a serious situation to unable to take the decision, I think we should wait and give sometime, if we have, for time to decide the path, (actually we have to decide, keeping an eye on our Intuition in that period.) This is also a decision, I feel so. Keep it up.

  7. Not sure how you found my blog, but I appreciated the recent like. I was curious and found myself smiling as I read this because I have thought many times that ‘perhaps it’d be nice to include little pieces of artwork with my writing’ – I have a bit this year, but I’ve not challenged myself to make anything new or actually relevant to what I write. More as an afterthought. This makes me want to draw without the pressure of needing to; which is at least a healthy step towards the choice to actually do so.
    Ironically, I always tended to put too much emphasis on the future – even for the small inconsequential decisions. Learning to listen to my authentic intuition, and not just future pacing, has been a slow and evolving process.

  8. Thank you so much for visiting my site yesterday! I’m so glad I came back to visit yours. These are such inspirational ways of thinking and I totally agree – our intuitions exist for a reason! Thank you for writing this. I’ll be back!

    Xo Charlene

  9. Wow.. Love the phoenix drawing! You’re so talented! I like that your post is promoting introspection. We all could use some reminder now and then to slow down and reflect. Thanks for liking my blog post btw!
    – Aye

  10. This is so beautiful. Your writings and perfection is in everything👍. Can you help me? It’s not really much just a few tips i saw you have begun in August 2017 and you have a great fan following. Can you help me out too? Thanks and sorry to disturb 😌

  11. Hey Aishwarya!
    Congratulations I have just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Do have a look at my latest post and revert to the same in addition to completing the nomination on your timeline! So long! ^_^

  12. Amazing I’m in the situation of choices now for my career. This is the time i really want something like this to know and you give it so well. If I’m in some confusion i will ask you.

  13. Such a powerful post, I love you comparison of the Phoenix, it’s a magical creature I hold close to my heart as a reminder of new beginnings and trandfo.

  14. It is ironic that you found my blog today and that I then checked yours out and read this post. I met today with a nonprofit group that helps women return or start college so they can better their lives and their children’s if they have them. We are in the process of changing the group’s name to reflect more accurately the services and opportunities.

  15. You have some interesting, and important, thoughts and I am glad to have read this. It is quite interesting how many people believe they do not have a choice in the matter of life and thus try to let life happen without choice – I suppose that in itself is a choice too and they do not realise that. And your list has some points I think many definitely do need to consider when making choices.

    – CJ

  16. I appreciate your view point and boldness. I also come from the school of thought that we tend to rush and settle instead of waiting on the real mccoy. Thank you for sharing

  17. we are also not bound forever by the choices we make. if we make a mistake, we also have the freedom to correct it. good discussion.

  18. You make some great points. For me prayer and reading God’s Word is at the top of my list. And beautiful art as well!

  19. Some very interesting points raised. We are of course faced with a vast amount of choices everyday from what to have for breakfast to whether or not to take out a loan. Making the right choice results in a very good feeling and bad choices vice versa. I suppose experience is the greatest source of advice on making those really important choices.

  20. This art is amazing! And you make very good, clear points. Life throws many questions and choices at us every hour of everyday, so it does get difficult to face them. Thanks for the check list! 🙂

  21. Hey there!
    Absolutely loved your content, every aspect that you mentioned there made me think and made me wonder too. The concept that you brought is so relatable.
    Also, I would like to mention that even I write about emotions. So, if you don’t mind do visit my blog at
    It’d be wonderful to know your views.

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