the sky opens before me, revealing the answers to the questions i have asked many times

i step forward, ready to split myself open and reveal the light within me that always shines

my eyes scan the sea of humans before me and i cannot help but notice the confusion and the stress

they are constantly worried about what they can change yet think of themselves less and less

what is this game we have fallen into and can we beat it?

because i don’t want to come back again, i don’t want to repeat it

the wind blows my hair across my eyes, but my vision is not clouded

for i see the countless of people terrified, their happiness is always shrouded

the darkness is not something to fear, as it is only the absence of light

when we wake up and open our eyes, we will then see everything how it is and begin doing what’s right

within the sea of people before me, i notice they are not looking up

they are staring at the phones in their hands, not bothering to see us

for i am no longer alone here, i have others behind and beside me

they see what i see, and they want desperately to set them free

but how can they understand us when they are still digesting the lies that were fed to them this morning?

how can they get that there is a fire in this world that is blazing and roaring?

they are wearing blindfolds, content in the game and never asking why

like birds who think it’s normal to sit in a cage, and think it’s crazy to fly

we stand back, awaiting our time to fight

to fight with love and this beautiful radiant light

violence will never be the answer, it will destroy all possible solutions

this is why we must wake up from the system and all of its illusions

for when we truly acknowledge the power we have in the game

it will change

we will step up and allow ourselves to shine

when we know, it is time

Eclipsed Words March’2018 || Aishwarya Shah ©

Thank you for reading.


—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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  1. great passion. and so true! I am especially moved by “they are wearing blindfolds, content in the game and never asking why, like birds who think it’s normal to sit in a cage, and think it’s crazy to fly”

  2. Beautiful. Loved reading it. And I think I’ve read that somewhere : It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos. I don’t know maybe in the Origin novel by Dan Brown.

  3. It’s time to give the invitation, everybody needs to hear. The sight we have is God’s sight. The sorrow is also His. Ours is to bring relief, the gospel of our Lord. Some will hear and some will not. Sadly, we cannot change that. Ours is to give the invitation.
    You are so wonderfully gifted. God is blessing your words.

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